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4 Irrigation System Options for Aquaponic Gardening

Irrigation System
Planning a functional and sustainable aquaponic gardening system means taking several things into account. If you have decided to use a high tunnel building to house your aquaponic garden, then your main consideration is likely irrigation. Before settling on a DIY irrigation solution, there are several options that a professional irrigation service can do for you. These are four of those options.
1. Rainwater to Drip Irrigation
One option you may want to consider to help reduce water costs is to go with a rainwater collection system. There are several options for rainwater collection, including the traditional water collection barrel and downspout collection from guttering. These barrels can be drained and the rainwater used in your aquaponic systems.
Though there are several do-it-yourself options for getting the rainwater from your collection option to your aquaponics system, and the professional system can be more efficient. For example, Waterford Irrigation Supply & Design can help you develop an irrigation system that will connect your rain barrels directly to the aquaponic garden. We can use a mixture of plumbing to connect multiple rainwater collection systems to your garden as well. Keep in mind that we can also help with rainwater collection sources that may be more viable for you than water barrel options.
2. Fishery Irrigation Options
As you know, aquaponic gardening is about more than the plants. It is also greatly dependent on the health of the fish in the system. With that in mind, you should consider the professional irrigation options that are available for your fish health. These options may include options that are designed for the fish breed you are using.
For example, a professional irrigation service can offer options that give a floodplain type environment for fish that thrive in that sort of occurrence. You may have fish that are used to a specific pH in their water. Your professional irrigation service can help identify and install pumps that can help keep the water circulating as well as monitor the pH for you.
3. Leveled Drip Irrigation
If you are trying to maximize the space in the high tunnel, you may want to utilize several levels of gardening. For example, you may decide to keep your aquaponic tanks in the corners of the tunnel and hanging rows of plants, as well as ground-level plants. If this is the case, then irrigation is going to be vital to your food production.
One option is to have a drip irrigation system that can run over each level of crops. You can also have the drip irrigation system rotate if you have a minimum amount of room. This can help to ensure all plants are receiving the right amount of water at any given time. You can also have these systems run on timers for your convenience.
4. Timed Irrigation Systems
Because you are dealing with fish as one of the main components of your gardening system, proper timing is important. You want to make sure the water going into the fish tanks is fresh. You also want to make sure that it is pumped on a routine basis. In addition to this, you will also want to ensure that the plants are being watered and irrigated on a specific timer, so they are not overwatered or underwatered. This all points at something a professional irrigation service can provide you in the form of timers. The timers can be added, and you can set up a timed routine that continuous 24 hours a day with little manual monitoring.
These are only four of the irrigation options you may have available to you for your aquaponic garden and high tunnel combination. If you are ready for a consultation, contact a professional irrigation company. They can schedule a consultation and help you obtain the right balance between irrigation and your aquaponic needs.